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Only the finest materials find their way into your plans.

There’s just no room for bending and buckling if a structure is going to last. That’s why QuattroPosts and QuattroCorners are the right choice for superior, light-industrial applications.

QuattroPosts are lighter than solid timbers, yet the manufacturing process ensures structural integrity is maintained.

Our 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 posts are engineered from selected grades or kilndried lumber and designed to resist twisting, warping or splitting. Plus, we make them hollow so you can hide electrical and other service lines inside. QuattroPosts are manufactured by laminating graded and kiln-dried lumber using the world’s finest moulding, adhesion and pressing technology that meets certification standards for Canada (CCMC 13314-R) and USA (ESR 2844).

Our Premium Knotty Posts are the right choice when appearance is the prime concern. Choose these for clients who want a natural-looking wood finish. Our  Custom Knotty Post is a more economical choice that provides the same strength.

QuattroCorners combine the durable finish your plans require with the cost-effectiveness your clients need.

These engineered one-piece siding corners are seamless, which avoids ugly gaps and saves time on the work site. We inspect all our corners for uniformity and consistency so you don’t have to.

They come in a variety of sizes, lengths and patterns, while designed to look great for years.

Ask for engineered wood products in your plans to ensure your structures are standing strong and looking good for years. Choose Quattro to make a solid impact!

All of our QuattroTimber products come with a Ten Year Warranty.

Speak to a representative today to discuss your specific project needs.